Top 10

Favourite Trend
P: Zippers, Ripped Everything, Silk, Chunky Knits, and anything Nu-Goth.
M: Oversize, Grunge, Black, Layering, Knits, Lace
Favourite Designer/Fashion House
P: Rodarte
M: Alexander Wang
Favourite Band/Singer etc..
P: The Virgins and Sebastian Tellier
M: Yelle/rediscovering Jane Birkin
Favourite Artist
P: Robin Cameron/Ryan Mcginley
M: Kime Buzzelli/Elizabeth Peyton/Elisabeth Belliveau
Favourite Book
P: Lolita, and NOT Twilight, can people please get over that?
M: No One Belongs Here More than You-Miranda July
Favourite Article of Clothing
(Note: Neither of us could stick to one thing hehe)
P: My silk Wilfred nude top with the zipper in the back, and my studded Cheap Mondays(done myself), I'm also going to add in my floral docs, they aren't clothing but I wear them so damm much.
M: Scarves of any kind, Cardigans, Leather Leggings and Pearls.
Favourite Movie
P: Vicky Christina Barcelona
M: IL y a longtemps que Je T’aime
Favourite Website
P: The Selby
M: Face Hunter
Favourite Muse/Inspiration
P: My little sister
M: Chic old ladies
Favourite Indulgence
P: Gossip Girl season 2, I love the fake Cobrasnake deal, Jenny's rebellion, Chuck's breakdown.
M: Stylista (lame show on the CW), The Hills, Going into holts just to browse and sulk.
-Your Favourite Rebels

death to 08

happy new years, say bye to the fucked up, and hello to a hopefully better year.
we've made you guys a mix of some songs for new years.
bought by us. this is a free gift, your welcome.
as a thank you send this album along to your friends, and make sure they know just who its from.
click this link to download
happy new years.

cover art by petra
some songs
rich girls-the virgins
keep your hands off my girl-good charlotte( we know, we know. but you have to admit it gets you dancing)
teenagers-department of eagles
lovefool- the cardigans
burning down the house- the talking heads
day'n'nite- kid cudi, crookers remix
how soon is now- morrissey

Aud Lang Syne

Adding some rebelle to new years.

1. Elizabeth and James Boudoir Shrug
2. OPI "Licoln Park at Midnight"
3. American Apparel Oxford Shirt
4. Jeffery Campbell Zipper Wrap Boots
5. Cocktail Ring of Any Kind
6. Jeffery Campbell Studded Pump
7. Silece & Noise Rouched Python Legging

1. vintage fur hat
2. urban decay heavy metal eye liner in glam rock or spandex
3. ysl black lip gloss over neon red lipstick
4. lace dress
5. floral printed docs

sparkly dresses on new years, so last year. 
what are you wearing?



i was recently re-watching ghost world, and remembered this beautiful collection by luella, inspired by thora birches character in ghost world. and no matter what season we are in, i'm still not over the comic book's iconic style. 
1.monki girl crop top
2. amazing faux shiny leather boot from aldo (my next purchase)
3.cheap monday leather zip skirt
3. manic panic "dye hard" hair dye
3. mac orange lipstick
all collages done by me.

anyways much much more to come.
get ready for some new years trouble.



by robin cameron


merry merry merry

      hope everyone had a very merry christmas!
and got all the gifts they wanted.
heres some we recieved and are VERY happy about.
-vintage fur hat
-plaid blazer
-ysl black lip gloss
-my so called life/freaks and geeks/gossip girl dvds
- water color paints/pencil crayons/sketchbooks
-zipper high waisted jean
-canon rebel
-silk zipper top & studded silk dress
anyways have an amazing holiday



One more day 'till christmas.
Is it just me or was there not that much build up this year?
Christmas completly snuck up on me.
Anyways, I hope you all get what you want!
Merry Xmas



eggnog and birthday cake

pictures of my birth birth birthday.
eggnog & rum, black lace, and birthday cupcakes.
did i mention elaine made me this crazy hat with the word rebelle studded into it.


birthday cake

its my birthday today, i hope jake ryan shows up.


Queen of Knits

Some of my favourite looks from Sonia Rykiel's Sping 2009 Collection



modern muse

my lovely little sister.
photos by petra.
this shirt is made by me and you can purchase it in our store.