good evening

happy halloween
what are y'all being


fake fake fake

Y'all bitchez gotta stop bein'

new new new

we improved our myspace page
with a little sparkle
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cut cut paste

cut cut and paste
with lady electrique


baby its cold outside

its freezing.
no, its fucking freezing.
its gotten to a point where tights are not even acceptable.
its too cold.
where to get a coat, or parka i guess.

photo by wendy beaven


having fun isn't hard, when you've got a library card

why go to school when you can go to the library with your two friends.
free internet. so much work space. enough privacy to gossip all ya want.
what else could you want.
so get out those old library cards and haul yourself to the nearest library.



spring 09
one of our favorite collections
the shapes, destructed denim, spiked shoes, bandage dresses
all to die for

photos courtesy style.com

they're getting so much younger

we are ready. to parrrtaaay.
long nights to come.
as halloween approaches.
cobras roam the night.
then novemeber crawls in.
glass candy performs.
nights of madness to come.
who knows we might even have a party.
stay tuned.
you know we will.

open windows

a little interview we did with Ryan from that ghost.
it will be featured in our zine. enjoy.

With his dreamy vocals and his melodious lyrics. It's no wonder Ryan is becoming a prominent star in the music galaxy. From the time we first heard his music our ears and our minds are in perfect harmony.

hello Ryan. tell us a little bit about yourself?
i live in northern california. i don't do much other than attend school and create music.

you started making music because..?
making music has always been the easiest way for me personally to spend my time and to say what i want to or don't want to.

your influences?
i take influence from folk/country/acoustic music more than anything else musically. old scratchy recordings that are minimal but strong. and of course loads and loads of other things too. but other than music, being outside among living things that can't talk or bother me is a great influence. or dead things too i guess. walking on dirt, dust, and grass and being away from people.

dead or alive who would you collaborate with?
my brother because he is a very technically skilled guitar player and i am not.

what can people take away from your music/ what you want people to take away?
i guess i want people to make up the meanings of my songs. i know what they mean to me but what they might mean to someone else could be completely different. if someone asked me what a certain songs means i would tell them what i meant when i made it but otherwise they should decide for themselves in relation to their own experiences and feelings.

inside your head, messy or neat?
very very messy. too many worries.

your room?
it is clean but has too many things for the size of the room. i have my drums set, guitars, record player, books, television, and so on.

past present or future?
future. i wish i could enjoy the present more than i do but i can't seem to settle down right now. maybe when i am older. i just continue to look forward to what will become of me whether it be good or bad. but if you mean past as in past time periods then i would have to say i would have liked to have lived during anytime between the late 1800s to the 1950s. i don't think i belong in this generation.

three songs you would put on a mixtape?
well i would like to think i had more space to put songs. i don't think i can pick three songs.

favorite rebel?
jack london

last word?

check out ryan at www.myspace.com/thatghost


cool kid

photos by petra 

lay lady lay

photo's by the lovely lady electrique


more exposer

photo's by the lovely laura-lynn


long night

in my sketchbook

we interviewed alice lancaster
here's a little snippet
more to be up soon

R:tell us a little bit about yourself?
A: i grew up in st.louis misery and moved to chicago in august 2006 to study illustration at columbia college chicago. but after being in school one year i realized it wasn't for me. i'm not creative.

R: when did you start drawing?
A: i've been drawing since i was like 3 but i started taking my drawings seriously about 3 years ago.

R: you started drawing because?
A: it was fun and it came naturally.

R: how where you discovered?
A: i was discovered?

R: inside your head, messy or neat?
A: messy as fuck. i think i have ADD.

R: your room?
A: pretty clean

rolling down the hills

you might think its a bit early to put this up.
but its never to early for glass candy.
tickets, will sell fast.

interview with glass candy soon.


New obsession: "Blossom"
Forgot about this gem 'till I was browsing retrojunk
She ties with "Clarissa" for best style on tv
P.S., How hot is Joey Lawrence ?


is this like a noxema comercial or what

Cher: Been shopping with Dr. Suess?
Dionne: Well at least I wouldn't skin a collie to make my back pack.
Cher: It's faux.

The rebelle girls are going to be Cher & Dion for halloween.
How Rad.

chattering teeth

its freezing out side.
snowing actually.
thanks canada.
well at least we get to whip out our nice fur coats.

we are young

photos by petra c

get ready kiddies, rebelle zine is throwing a party.
our prescription:
lips stained with wine.
don't sleep.
drink some coffee.
recycle outfits.
be a rebelle.

stay tuned


Hot Tramps

Each issue we would like to include a rebel we love.
Who is your favourite rebel?

take of you pants

more to be featured in zine.