Top 10

Favourite Trend
P: Zippers, Ripped Everything, Silk, Chunky Knits, and anything Nu-Goth.
M: Oversize, Grunge, Black, Layering, Knits, Lace
Favourite Designer/Fashion House
P: Rodarte
M: Alexander Wang
Favourite Band/Singer etc..
P: The Virgins and Sebastian Tellier
M: Yelle/rediscovering Jane Birkin
Favourite Artist
P: Robin Cameron/Ryan Mcginley
M: Kime Buzzelli/Elizabeth Peyton/Elisabeth Belliveau
Favourite Book
P: Lolita, and NOT Twilight, can people please get over that?
M: No One Belongs Here More than You-Miranda July
Favourite Article of Clothing
(Note: Neither of us could stick to one thing hehe)
P: My silk Wilfred nude top with the zipper in the back, and my studded Cheap Mondays(done myself), I'm also going to add in my floral docs, they aren't clothing but I wear them so damm much.
M: Scarves of any kind, Cardigans, Leather Leggings and Pearls.
Favourite Movie
P: Vicky Christina Barcelona
M: IL y a longtemps que Je T’aime
Favourite Website
P: The Selby
M: Face Hunter
Favourite Muse/Inspiration
P: My little sister
M: Chic old ladies
Favourite Indulgence
P: Gossip Girl season 2, I love the fake Cobrasnake deal, Jenny's rebellion, Chuck's breakdown.
M: Stylista (lame show on the CW), The Hills, Going into holts just to browse and sulk.
-Your Favourite Rebels


Miriam said...

love youre blog

happy new year!!

jessica said...

looooveit, relinking you too ;]
happy new year, see what's to come .

keep in touch lovies ♥

Florian said...

Vicky Cristina was fantastic, a good choice