merry merry merry

      hope everyone had a very merry christmas!
and got all the gifts they wanted.
heres some we recieved and are VERY happy about.
-vintage fur hat
-plaid blazer
-ysl black lip gloss
-my so called life/freaks and geeks/gossip girl dvds
- water color paints/pencil crayons/sketchbooks
-zipper high waisted jean
-canon rebel
-silk zipper top & studded silk dress
anyways have an amazing holiday


garbage museum said...

canon rebel, yayyyyyy
you're gonna do great things with that

zoë said...

some got effing amazing gifts.
you guys always make me smile.

anyways im zoe, of sick, remember me ? i have a new blog and since you're awesome im linking you !

check me out at inkylips.blogspot.com