sorry I haven't been posting lately, I've been away. But I'm back.
I missed posting a bit hehe.


i'm not a fan of graphic tee's but........



does anyone know who shot this?


so I'm a bit late on this post. 
but i just wanted to say that Riccardo Tisci has blown my mind for Fall 09 couture. 
collage by me
if you don't know luxirare you should.


i love you viktor vauthier.
i really do.


Our favourite ladies

a cruel summer it has been.
the weather man hasn't been generous lately.
but if we have our circular sunglasses, studded vests, and jean shirts.
we can bare it in style.
editorial from whowhatwear.com


i've probably said this but, this is one of my favorite films.
watch it here!
found these two gems on the nylon blog.

they are photos of gaps fall 09 shoe collection.
i'm excited.


come my photos will be in this.


We (Petra and I ) are featured in Patent's online mag this month in the street style section
check it out here
I love this song



we are going to party like motherfuckers.
inhaling all the smoke our lungs can take.
killing our livers with champagne. 
dancing so hard our bodies will hurt.
its mada's birthday party today bitches.
photos via regia mag
some photos i shot for an editorial for UPC boutique. 
Hannah Sider and i teamed up. 
it will be in Dejour Magazine. so stay tuned.
jewelry from Speech.
i just died at the sight of this mqueen clutch.

Our new summer jam

--Mada and Petra


Editorial from Regia Magazine


mada and i are making matching shirts.
photo by tim barber.
to brie, katoucha, and emily!
enjoy your mascara's and thanks to everyone else who emailed.
love you guys xxxxx
im thinking about doing the dellal. any objections. i want my hair gone.


This summer I am interning at CHEEKMagazine.com.
An online magazine that focuses on fashion, art, design, music etc.
Anyways, a big part of my job is to write things for their blog.
So you guys should all check it out, I will be posting pretty much daily.
also, check out the actual magazine at


Bang bang, he shot me down
Bang bang, I hit the ground

some recent photos by me.
i have a flickr now check it.


hello readers.
mada and i recieved a package from matchstick with Maybeline's new Pulse Perfection mascara.
because we love you guys, we are giving 3 away for free.
so you can have crazy lashes.
just send us an email with
1. your name
2. address
3. your favorite "rebelle"

-Mada and Petra
collage by petra


tasha, mada, and i took my little sister anna out.
got too stoned to move.
regardless we had a fun night.
ps can you believe anna is 13?
photos via thecobrasnake