in my sketchbook

we interviewed alice lancaster
here's a little snippet
more to be up soon

R:tell us a little bit about yourself?
A: i grew up in st.louis misery and moved to chicago in august 2006 to study illustration at columbia college chicago. but after being in school one year i realized it wasn't for me. i'm not creative.

R: when did you start drawing?
A: i've been drawing since i was like 3 but i started taking my drawings seriously about 3 years ago.

R: you started drawing because?
A: it was fun and it came naturally.

R: how where you discovered?
A: i was discovered?

R: inside your head, messy or neat?
A: messy as fuck. i think i have ADD.

R: your room?
A: pretty clean


SICK. said...

kick ass drawing of jeremy scott.
your zine sounds lovely and i quite like all of the pretty pictures.


garbage museum said...

she's so good!