almost there

we are almost done done done.
exams next week.
meaning mada will be m.i.a and i will be in your face posting due to my procrastinating skill.
one more week.

here are my favorites of resort 2010
collages by me



M I A N N said...

I'm just going to put it out there because I think I'm very much alone in this: but I fucking hated Alexander Wang's resort collection.

It couldn't be any more conformist, flat, monotonal and boring if it tried... The Kane however, well, see my blog for my opinion on that ;)

rebelle zine said...

I agree but disagree. I was really disapointed and felt it didn't represent his esthetic or design style at all. However, The line itself I wouldn't find so bad if it wasn't tied to his name. Am I making sense?
Oh well, maybe next year..