clean up clean up

basically. i have too many clothes,and they don't fit in my closet. i do realize the sacrifice i have to make for life in the city * SPACE*. but that doesn't mean i can't keep collecting clothing. anyways i'm going to purchase a clothes rack. i love the look. so obsessed with alexander wang's racks in his house ( photos from the selby). with it i can make room in my closet and display clothes. i also have to get rid of clothes. i have a jillion vintage dresses that i've worn once or NEVER. so mada and i made a big cartel account. we are going to sell clothes and our ZINE when it comes out....which will be in january. so keep your eyes out for that. it will be coming your way. sorry to bore your face's off with this just needed to clear some air.

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w0witsalana said...

that's a pretty sick idea, really, the clothing racks.
it doubles as art almost