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we interviewed the lovely Chrissie Miller from sophomore.
here it is.
we love you Chrissie and the clothes.

Tell us a little bit about the company/clothing?

Lower East Side style of the ‘70s and Lower East Side style of today look almost the same—people never stray from the basics. Taking a cue from the timeless simplicity of downtown New York, Chrissie Miller’s company SOPHOMORE caught the public’s eye with a single T-shirt design in 2003. She initially planned to make shirts exclusively for her friends, but the overnight success of her design and the attention SOPHOMORE received from celebrities, retailers, and the press inspired Miller to think big.

Joining forces with designer Madeleine von Froomer, who most recently worked for Proenza Schouler, SOPHOMORE has expanded its offerings from a single T-shirt to a full collection of contemporary sportswear. The new line of tank tops, T-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, leggings, and jackets never stray from SOPHOMORE’S classic inspiration. In a one dimensional world of basics, SOPHOMORE brings a fashion twist, soft washed fabrics, perfect fits and a New York vibe that will make the line a clothing staple for years to come.. The line is currently sold at high-end boutique such as Barney’s, Opening Ceremony and Satine.

The name came from?

We had been looking for a name that was collegiate sounding. And when we
looked up the word Sophomore in the dictionary, the Etymology of the word is
"wise fool". It was a perfect fit.

What kind of person wears your clothes?

I hope that there is something in the line for everyone. There are pieces that are basic enough for my parents to wear and others that are more young and edgy.

What is your favourite peice you've ever made?

Mmm, thats hard. I have to say I'm really proud of every piece we produced. I guess the one I'm most proud of is the Asymmetrical pullover, just because its so unique and we had so many problems making it that when it was done, it came out great!

What inspires you?

I am inspired by different things; music, books, the people around me, images and artwork. Lately I have been watching lots of rare films from the 70's that are hard to find.

How did you get into fashion?

I started Sophomore with graphic t-shirts, I went to art school and wanted to be a graphic designer. I made some shirts for some friends and my friend Charlotte Ronson sold them at her store. A friend of mine wrote about them for a magazine and we got lots of store orders! So it became a job.

What kind of music goes hand in hand with your clothes?

There is something about Sophomore that feels nostalgic but also very contemporary. So when it comes to music its both old and new. I to new bands like The Kings of Leon, Shooter Jennings, The Virgins, Lizzy Trullie or old stuff like Neil Young, Doors, Stones, Stooges ect...

What rebel would you love to dress (dead or alive)?

Anita Pallenberg

Is there such thing as a fashion don't?

Ahh yeah, there are tons! Right now for me its cargo pants (ewww)

A good party is?

A party at my house (Club Chrissie)

Last word?

Crack is Wack

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Lee Jones said...

love the interview : )



Kate said...

very cool! I lovee the clothes, checked them out a while ago. If I could begin to afford them I'd be all over them. Unfortunately I'm stuck with things of clearance racks! haha

Rebelle Zine said...

where can you buy sophomore on clearance!!
do tell!

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love sophomore SO much!

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