want want want

my christmas list is done done done.
though i purchased one of these today, it is still legit.
here it is.
-gold cross earings ( just like rayannes from my so called life)
-painted splashed wilfred dress, and the silk tank
-my so called life dvd set ( KEY)
-watercolor paints
-a vintage slr ( i just bought it today, so i guess a digital one is what i need now)
-henry holland biker studded knee pad high waisted pants.

those are still just the basics of what i want.
anyways really excited for my birthday.
christmas cocktails in the bright bright city.
i'm excited.



garbage museum said...

fuck i LOVE those pants, been drooling over them forever! if you get them you better keep them under lock and key girl cause i'm comin


Severn said...

that looks like a pentax K1000 in the photo, i have one myself. it's my pride and joy!

w0witsalana said...

jordan catalano is so sexy