make you wait my lover

echo echo echo.
here is our little interview with the lovely io-echo.

Hello io-echo.

what would you like people to know about io-echo?
We are extremely hungry at all times.

describe your sound?
Its like you are in a motel room at 4am and the people in the room to your left are having loud sex while the
people in the room on your right are listening to songs of praise on a transistor radio.

your influences?
Aphex twin, Danny Elfman, Bauhaus

where did you get the name io-echo from?
my name on my birth certificate is ioanna. io is short for that, so we thought io and echo together sounded
sonically interesting

dream place to play?

dead or alive who would you collaborate with?
Aphex Twin, Danny Elfman, Bauhaus

three songs you would put on a mixtape?
Murray Head -One night in bankok
Torche- Olympus Mons
Aphex Twin- Bucephalus Bouncing Ball

a good party?
in los angeles myles hendrik, ana calderon, melissa renee, and cc sheffield put on my favorite parties. in general
my favorite kinds of parties are murder mystery parties.

favorite rebel?
my grandmother

last word?
If I'm only given one word then it would have to be "now"

click here to listen to io-echo.


mark said...

J'adore io echo

C.C. said...

i want to eat her tongue she is truer and bluer than the moon

Hijole said...

saw them at the Roxy last month and I said hi to Io at the bar. She's nice : )