i fucked my american cunt

photo by meg bourne.

prom. sex. zits. partys. vodka. sneaking out.
making out with hot girls. first date. back of the van.
and of course scarlet johansson. listening to the teenagers is like flipping through your high school year book. we did a little question and answer with dorian from the teenagers. just to find out a bit more. hair preference ladies?

So, tell us a little bit about yourselves?
well we are the teenagers, we do music, play gigs, enjoy life

how did you guys meet?
we met at school a long long time ago, more than 15 years...

how where the teenagers "born"?
for xmas 2005, we were together, having fun so we started this band just for fun

what would you like people to know about the teenagers..?
that they re not feeling comfortable in their bodies

what would you say your main influences are?
strokes, m83, jacques lu cont

where did you get the name the teenagers?
i have no idea

what kind of teenager where you guys?
shy ones

what kind of crowd do you guys like?
when they re happy and drunk

dream place to play?
we love to play in australia

dead or alive who would you collaborate with?
kurt cobain

past present or future?

three songs you would put on a mix-tape?

booba - pourvu qu elles m aiment
serge gainsbourg - je t aime moi non plus
poney poney - cross the fader

a good party?
the one you dont remember

favorite rebelle?
kurt cobain

best city?
paris bien sur

betty or veronica?

blondes brunettes or red heads?

the teenagers are?

last word?