alice, i think

the lovely alice lancaster did a little question answer with us.
here it is.

tell us a little bit about yourself?
i grew up in st. louis misery and moved to chicago in august of 2006 to study illustration at columbia college chicago. but after being in school one year i realized it wasn't for me. i'm not creative.

when did you start drawing?
i've been drawing since i was like 3 but i started taking my drawings seriously about 3 years ago.

you started drawing because..?
it was fun and it came naturally

how where you discovered?
i was discovered? cool.

your influences?
as far as other artists go i am not directly influenced by anyone. (possibly subconsciously)

dead or alive who would you collaborate with?
alice neel, nan goldin, picasso

what do you want people to take from your drawings?
i want them to get a little creeped out

inside your head, messy or neat?
messy as fuck. i think i have ADD

your room?
pretty clean

betty or veronica?
i had to wikipedia that because i had heard those names a million times and never knew what they were from. veronica.

brenda or kelly?

if you could have any piece of artwork what would it be?
maybe that weird kate moss sculpture called Siren by Marc Quinn. that would be a nice semi-sleazy piece for my apt.

favorite rebelle?
elaine bennis

last word(s)?

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